3 Ambiance Tools You Need For Your Next RPG

Ready to take your DMing to the next level at your upcoming D&D session?

Are you ready to take your DMing to the next level at this week’s (remote) D&D session? Are you dying to set the mood and keep your players more engaged? Well, here are three tools you need to have at your fingertips before they bring the shenanigans.

1. Discord’s Rhythm Bot

In these times when most the world is under quarantine, a lot more of us have taken to playing D&D via Discord. I know that I certainly have. As such, one tool that you absolutely must have for your next RPG is Discord’s Rhythm bot. It’s as simple as adding it to your server, and then you can play any music from YouTube (so long as the video doesn’t exceed a couple of hours). It’s simple, it’s quick, and it’s certain to help you set the mood.

2. Michael Ghelfi’s RPG Ambiances & Music

This channel has an entire list of amazing tracks that are sure to set the backdrop of any scene. Managing them is easy. Pick a longer track and command Rhythm bot to play it for you and you’re set. I absolutely love their soundtracks, especially how long they are, and there are even exclusive perks if you get a membership. So, don’t miss out, use Michael Ghelfi’s RPG Ambiances today.

3. Tabletop Audio

This resource is less accessible right now unless you have a different way of sending music to remote players. Despite this, it is an amazingly valuable resource which shouldn’t be overlooked. Tabletop Audio has an extensive list of audio available specifically for RPG purposes. It’s worth looking into and bookmarking. Even if you can’t use it right at the very moment.

For more on RPGs and how they relate to writing. Check out our earlier post on RPG based writing. What resources do you use to set the mood at your table?


By C.W. Spalding

Plot Producer, Character Concoctor, Story Spinner.

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