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Beta Reading

A beta reader gives feedback on an unfinished/unreleased manuscript. The feedback received can be used by the author to 1. fix pacing, 2. correct plot issues, and 3. find inconsistencies. Also, the beta reader let’s the writer know if their piece has had the anticipated impact on the audience.

Specifically, Beta Reading Includes:

  • Comments and/or feedback after each chapter of your manuscript
  • Readability Feedback (confusing passages, funky fonts, overused tropes)
  • Reviews of character arcs, world-building, and plot elements
  • Suggested ways to improve (upon request)

Types of titles:

  • Romance genres (nothing explicit, keep it YA or below)
  • Fantasy genres
  • Sci-Fi genres

Fee: $7/10,000 words

If interested, please email


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