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Entreaty From One Who Received Your Attentions

To those whose wanderlusting
leads to more-than-lust…

By C.W. Spalding

To those whose wanderlusting 

leads to more-than-lust for those tile-laid ways;

for those whose chests shrug

against their sweat caressed shirts when they first witness cherub-

haunted dome-tops; and for those whose thighs 

throb to tightness as they draw their fingers over dusted 

altars’ dressings

we encourage you to bind yourself to

the celibacy of well-walked roads

or the condomized sex of sanitized work stations.

These arches are best left to

their own dissolution. We know those 

who let the architecture

of wanton history bring them 

to orgasm. Their

fate is full of feculent rot and the worm-

eaten bone. Death feasts between their legs

with its bone-bodied ants.


if your wanderlusting 

is lustless or more losting; if you come

asexually: loving neither the voluption of arches nor

the firm strokes of soles

over floorways—

we would only ask 

you to remove your shoes. We polished the tiles,

and we prefer them clean.


By C.W. Spalding

Plot Producer, Character Concoctor, Story Spinner.

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