Friends of Clara

Here we’re gonna have some people for which Clara would like to advocate. They’re all amazing and no, they aren’t paying her to post for them. Feel free to reach out to them because they are a cool crowd.


An illustrator. Right now they’re closed to commissions, but when they open up I’ll be sure to post it on here. They do an amazing job with clothing and character expressions. Most of their work on their tumblr right now is Dungeons and Dragons related, however they’ve done a number of pieces previously which were book black-and-white illustrations. Feel free to check out my good friend Tattered-Demalion.


An Editor/Comic Illustrator. They do excellent editing work and that makes sense because that’s what they got a degree in. Don’t try to shortchange them, but for a decent hourly wage they’d do an excellent job of reading over the punctuation and grammar of a manuscript.

Also, they’re very good at comic art. If you’re looking for something more in their style, they too do commissions. Go ahead and check out this comic they’ve got up on Webtoon which is called Peel.


A comic illustrator. Elijah does some very cute comics all on their own, but they also are helping out with other projects. Go ahead and check out their main comic, Where You Need to Go. Or take a look at their work as a colorist in Blue Skies and Forget Me Nots.


That’s more than enough for now. I’ll let you guys know as I keep making friends. You’re a friend too, even if you don’t know it yet. Wink.