We’ve Added a New Page

Show off your creative side with these writing t-shirts.

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve added a new page on the website.

First of all, we’ve updated our landing page so that when people arrive they can choose where they go instead of being thrown straight into things. Also, the new landing page has easy-to-find external links.

In a similar vein, we have a tee-shirts page. Expect that the inventory will increase with time but for now we have a few fabulous tee-shirt designs that writers will love. They make the perfect gift for your writing friends. Go ahead and check out our affordable prices as well as our cute designs on Let’s Rigmarole! our TeeSpring store.

Keep a look out for new designs as time goes on and thanks for your continuing support.


By C.W. Spalding

Plot Producer, Character Concoctor, Story Spinner.

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