Things We Should Have Known About Books, But Didn’t

Schools failed me again. Here are a couple things I wish I’d known.

There are many things the school system should have taught us regarding books and how they get out of people’s heads and onto the shelves in the library. This is another of the American School System’s shortcomings. And so, today we’re going to focus on merely a couple of things I discovered recently regarding getting the word out about books.

Hand Selling, Is That A Thing?

I guess it makes sense that this is a thing. In fact, I could see how it was a thing and I kind of wish it still was a thing. But why not let it be a thing still? The logistics of that are complicated but I do think there’s still a place for this in modern times. Perhaps (once covid is over) it’ll be alright to participate in your local farmer’s market doing exactly this for yourself and other local artists. What do you think?

Prepare For Poverty, I Guess…

There are so many other things we should have been told about books, but for now, let’s talk about making money.

As with many creative jobs, authors get paid under the poverty line and their work merely isn’t appreciated. Their stuff seems so consumable, especially now with eBooks. There’s just not enough understanding that it can take years for the author to work their labor of love. It’s a job you do because you love it, not because you hope to get rich.

Also, you’ll likely be working one or two other jobs to keep up with rent.

So, those are just two things that I’ve been coming to terms with lately. How about yourself? What did you find out about the book industry that surprised you?


By C.W. Spalding

Plot Producer, Character Concoctor, Story Spinner.

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